Our New Website

Welcome to the new website! I plan to share images from my photoshoots, styling and photography tips, info about upcoming workshops and a whole lot more here so I hope you'll check back often!

My background is in graphic design, (before following my bliss to photography) so over the years I have created many variations of logos and websites for myself, but was never happy with any of them. As any designer can tell you, we are our own worst client! 

Thankfully, my talented friend, April Zelenka of Third West Studio came to the rescue and created something perfect for my photography business. I love April's modern aesthetic in her design and wedding photography work (seriously, go find her on instagram and you'll see what I'm talking about!) and I feel so fortunate that she took my project on. I highly recommend her to any creative business owner looking to rebrand!

And now that my site is live, it's up to me to do it justice and hop in here often to share stories of my styling and photo sessions and information that I hope you all will enjoy! 


Sunshine Frantz