Food Blogger Photoshoot

About a month ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and helped teach a food photography and styling workshop. You know I could talk about this stuff all day to anyone who would listen, but the idea of standing in front of a group and “public speaking” was terrifying. Honestly, I’ve pretty much spent my life avoiding situations like that. I love working with people in small groups or having one-on-one conversations, but I really had to talk myself into speaking in front of an audience. And you know what? I’m so glad I did. The attendees were so kind and asked all kinds of wonderful questions. And the best part is that it connected me to some fabulous local foodies, photographers and bloggers which has already led to me working with vegetarian food blogger, Hello Veggie.

 Power Plates by Gena Hamshaw as featured on Hello Veggie

Power Plates by Gena Hamshaw as featured on Hello Veggie

Our first photoshoot together was wonderful because I got to focus on the part of this work that I love the most — Styling and Photography! Kiersten of Hello Veggie did all the grocery shopping and prepared the ingredients to feature a recipe from Gena Hamshaw’s latest cookbook, Power Plates. I arrived with my camera gear, backdrops and props to style the scene and photograph her amazing lentil salad.

Being mostly a vegetarian myself (I occasionally eat fish, but no other meat) I am so excited to be introduced to the Hello Veggie blog. Her recipes are so approachable and they all sound (and look!) delicious!

Photos featured here are of Gena Hamshaw’s lentil salad with roasted carrots.

Salad Ingredients
Sunshine Frantzsalad