I recently found myself with an open day. By some miracle I had nothing on the schedule! I could easily have filled it with book keeping or any other task that creative entrepreneurs dread. But of course you know I didn’t do that. Instead, I took advantage of the free time to see where my whims took me with a bowl of blueberries and some ripped up linen pants (which work really well as styling fabric, by the way!) If you visit the “tips” section in my instagram profile you’ll find a time lapse video of me styling this blueberry flat lay. :)


I also made a cinemagraph of my little blueberry scene. Check it out below!

I’ve been exploring different parts of our house to find a spot that provides the magical side light I love so much. Our house has a lot windows and I wouldn’t want it any other way, but when light is coming from all directions, you lose the shadows that create depth in an image. So on this glorious, empty schedule day, I went down to our unfinished basement (which is usually not a place I love to hang out) And discovered that the light was amazing! It’s a walk out basement so one side is mostly windows but the rest is not. Perfect! It is now my favorite place in the house to take photos. We’ve been talking about remodeling our basement for years and now we are getting closer to it actually happening. I’m dreaming of a real studio space there. Stay tuned for all the future photo studio plans!

Sunshine Frantz